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Introducing The Eighth Door, an innovative, app based, property professionals’ directory.

With the market leading calendar and conferencing integrations The Eighth Door allows you to effortlessly arrange meetings with fellow peers in the industry. Meetings can take place via a regular phone call, a video conference or face-to-face. Participant availability is automatically determined by synchronizing calendars thanks to our suite of integrations.

App features you'll adore


Breaking property news from major news hubs in one place in the app. Don't miss the most recent updates in the property world.


Customise your profile page to showcase you and your business where members can learn more about your organisation and connect directly with you.


Arrange a voice call, video call or 1-on-1 meeting directly with your key contact saving you precious time.


Using our calendar integration, we automatically suggest meeting times when all parties are available.


Find influential property professionals with our easy-to-use search tool to build your contacts list.


Invite your business associates or colleagues to benefit from our services at a click of a button.


We notify you in advance of your meetings, when a call is due, and when you have new meeting requests.

A worldwide property members app designed to generate leads and close deals

Our mission is to harness the power of technology by providing a global platform that empowers property professionals around the world to conduct business deals with one another directly. Use The Eighth Door app to connect with our global members directory.

Get your property news in one place

Are you missing key updates in your industry? With The Eighth Door's newsfeed you can stay in the loop and make it a conversation starter with potential prospects. Thanks to our latest feature, you can get all your property news in one place. Open The Eighth Door app daily and discover breaking property news from major news sites curated on our app.

Share your views on any of the news features or simply click 'like' to show your interest. This may open doors for conversation with other members on our app!

An app designed by property professionals for property professionals

We understand how difficult it is in our industry to find relevant individuals and companies to conduct business with directly. With The Eighth Door app, you can build new relationships and reconnect with property professionals from across the industry with ease. Our members include architects, interior designers, developers, investors, sales agents, lawyers, funders, planning consultants, those in construction and many, many more.

Take the first step towards your next deal

First, download the app and access our curated industry news. Then upgrade your account to access additional features.

After setting up your profile and connecting your calendar you will be well on your way to finding new business opportunities. You can search for property professionals globally by location, sector, company and name.

Meet On Time, Every Time.

We notify you in advance of your meetings, when a call is due and when you have new meeting requests. Helping to ensure you are on time and never miss that critical appointment.

Contact details are exchanged once a meeting has been accepted and these are then always available to both parties. Contacts can also be saved directly to your phone to support calls and future business.

Carry your whole property network (and your next business deal) in your pocket

Once you have found an individual you would like to connect with you can then request a meeting.

We automatically propose your meeting times based on your availability, which is fully synchronised with your calendars. Calendar events for your meetings are created, updated and removed automatically. When appropriate we also automatically generate video conferencing links and add them to your calendar events.

We restrict the number of meetings per member per month to ensure that each credit is used diligently and with utmost intent.

Help shape our future

This is just the beginning of our bold vision for The Eighth Door and we welcome our members opinions so we can evolve together.

Feedback is essential for us to be able to continue to provide a premium service to our members. We already have many exciting services and features planned.

We look forward to you being part of the journey.

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